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Calgary Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts
Calgary Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts (CORE) is a Calgary-based hiking club. We are a smaller club of very active members of varying ages. Hiking is our primary activity, but we also have active participation in scrambling, urban walking, skiing (cross-country and downhill), snowshoeing, backpacking, camping, cycling, and canoeing. We also hold social events with dinner or movie nights, and picnics, as well as other group social activities and outings. Trip and event planning is an ongoing process and we welcome and encourage members to get involved by suggesting and/or coordinating activities. We feel the more involved members are, the more fun it is !!!

Town: Calgary
Calgary Ski Club
Calgary Ski Club A Recreational Club for All Ages! Looking for fun, meeting people, and making new friends? Are you passionate about the great outdoors and want to be active all year round? Then the Calgary Ski Club is for you! Since our incorporation in 1935, these are the core values we embrace and pursue. We're an active, volunteer-run, non-profit organization open to all ages. As a recreational club, we offer Cross-Country skiing, Downhill skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Hiking, Cycling, and other activities for all skill levels and abilities. Whichever activity is your passion, you'll never be bored as a member of the Calgary Ski Club!

Town: Calgary
Canmore Seniors Association (Meanderthals)
The Meanderthals are a hiking group within the Canmore Seniors Association. The group was formed in 1993 after several seniors wishing to hike, but not alone, joined together to hike in our mountain surroundings. The initial members numbered 15, but over the last several years, the number has grown to over 300 seniors. Current membership in the CSA is required before participating in a Meanderthals hike or event, and to be aware of the Hiking Protocol found on website: Hike and Group Ratings: A: For the fast hiker who likes to reach their destination quickly. These hikes are usually longer (10-30 km), with a greater elevation gain (1,000m being typical). A+: An A hike that is extra-long or has extra elevation gain, and may contain some exposure or other challenges. A hike at a B pace: Usually similar elevation gain and distance as an A hike, just a little slower. B: For the hiker who prefers a little slower pace in order to spend more time on, for example, photography, or flower identification. Distance 10-20 km, elevation gain of 750m is typical. B hike at a C pace: Same elevation gain and distance as a B hike, just a little slower. C: For the hiker who prefers shorter distances (10-15 km), at a slower pace than the B group, but still able to climb a moderate elevation gain (300-400m). D: For the hiker who prefers a slower pace than a C hike, but wants a full day hike

Town: Canmore
Fifth Dimension Outdoor Club
The 5th Dimension is a group of active seniors who hike, cross country ski and snowshoe in the areas around Calgary. Our trips are on Thursdays (most are by highway bus) and are organized for several levels of activity. We invite active individuals over 55 years of age to come along and enjoy these outdoor activities. For more information email the following:

Town: Calgary
Grant MacEwan Mountain Club
We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, that organizes trips for our members so that we can enjoy hiking, backpacking, skiing, snow shoeing, mountaineering, climbing, and mountain biking together. The club was formed in 1978 by a small group of people interested in the safe pursuit of outdoor activity, particularly in the mountain back country. The groupís focus was one of respect and concern for the natural environment. They took the name of a former Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, the Honourable J.W. Grant MacEwan, in recognition of this gentleman's deep regard for the wilderness of Alberta. The club has grown steadily in size, and now averages well over 200 members. There are no special prerequisites to join, and there are activities available for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The club offers a wide range of trips throughout the year, as well as courses, workshops and social events. Our informal motto is, "The eating club with a hiking problem!" Trip leaders are volunteers from within the club and members are responsible for assessing their own ability level and choosing trips accordingly. There is a strong emphasis on safety, and some of the trips require the completion of specific courses, such as avalanche awareness, in order to participate. Participants are also required to sign a waiver and assumption of risk agreement for each trip. Club meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the St. Faith's Anglican Church Hall, 11725 93 Street, Edmonton, Alberta. The club newsletter, The Mountain High, is published monthly to keep members up to date and to inform them about upcoming events.

Town: Edmonton
Old Goats Climbing Club
The Old Goats Climbing Club is a loose collection of people who enjoy the outdoors and who stay in touch with each other by e-mail disbursed through a Yahoo bulletin board ( Originally Old Goats was a mountaineering community, but now we encompass rock climbing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, cycle touring, adventure racing, kayaking, and much more. Originally we were based in Calgary, but now we have members throughout Alberta and B.C., in much of the rest of Canada (including Baffin Island), and as far away as Colombia. Originally, all Old Goats were over 50, but now the age range extends from 18 to 80; anyone, even members of other outdoor groups, can join simply by writing

Town: Calgary
Red Deer Ramblers
The Red Deer Ramblers are an informal hiking group founded in 1998 by 7 people who wanted to hike safely in the mountains. Our membership is now over 100 from many communities around Red Deer and outside the area. Hikes are scheduled every second Saturday from April to October and include extended hiking trips. We have hiked in Newfoundland, BC, Saskatchewan, Canadian Rockies and parks in Alberta. The coordinators are volunteers who do not act as guides and do not have specialized training. We follow a set of guidelines. Please see or e-mail us at for more information or to request phone contact.

Town: Red Deer
Second Sixties Outdoor Club
Hiking, City Walks, Golf, Cross-country skiing, Snowshoeing for folks 55 and over. Travel outside of Calgary is by chartered coach. Hiking and winter outings are on Wednesday's. Different levels of fitness and ability are accommodated. City walks and golf are Monday mornings.

Town: Calgary
Seniors' Outdoor Club of Calgary
Members of this club are active seniors (55+) who gather to hike, cross country ski and snow shoe on established trails mainly in the foothills and mountain parks West of Calgary. Some members travel to and from the trail heads every Tuesday by chartered bus. Different levels of fitness are accommodated. Others hike on Calgary walking paths in the summer every Thursday.

Town: Calgary
Volkssport Association of Alberta
The Volkssport Association of Alberta (VAA) oversees the seven clubs within the province. Our program is non-competitive encouraging people to walk at their own pace. Walking routes usually feature the best the area has to offer and normally include a 5 to 6 km route as well as longer distances. Our program provides the opportunity to meet new friends from across the country and around the world. Check out the VAA website at to find a club or activity in your area. We walk for Fun, Fitness and Friendship come out and join us, everyone is welcome.

Town: St. Albert
Waskahegan Trail Association
Waskahegan Trail is a 309 km long volunteer managed wilderness trail allowing excellent day hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing in the Edmonton area. The Waskahegan Trail is a public trail for which the association has been given the responsibilities of stewardship and guardianship. The trail is open to the public at the discretion and wishes of the landowners. Members have full access to the trail - excepting landowner conditions - and may purchase a trail guide to enjoy it. Members of the public are welcome to take part in our public hikes, join the association or use sections which are open to the public (such as city, county, provincial and federal lands). Before doing so, please read our FAQs, Etiquette and Rules (links to the left) - for additional information about our Trail and Events. The Association is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to hiking on, building, and maintaining this premier trail.

Town: Edmonton
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